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Fragrances designed around women, by women, for women.


"We always knew we had something special."

Bold and captivating, Head Over Heels emerged as a brand with its distinctive Eau de Toilette fragrance. With a pair of glamorous, upside-down lady legs on top of it, the iconic bottle design made the perfume an instant hit on the shelves for a short—but equally memorable time.


30 years after its birth, Head Over Heels is back with a renewed purpose—to be the brand for all women—and this time, the story’s being told by a woman herself.

At its heart, Head Over Heels wants every woman to feel seen and be heard. We want each of our fragrances to make a woman say, ‘This is me!’ and reveal the most profound and best-kept secret of all time: Ladies, you are—and always have been—your own love story. It’s time to fall head over heels in love with yourself.

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At Head Over Heels, we want our story to be laced with those of the women we look up to and the women we want to celebrate and serve: the mothers, the daughters, the sisters, the girlfriends, the wives, the partners.

The women that are afraid but choose to be brave anyway.

The women that always feel less but choose to give more anyway.

The women that are constantly told they’re doing it wrong but choose to do their best anyway.

For the woman. Every woman.
We’re the sisterhood for all women.

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